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Active Task Manager
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Latest version 1.70 (December 19, 2007)
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Let the ATM to do your periodic work and free your mind for more intelligent things!

Active Task Manager

The Active Task Manager is an automation software for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003/Vista that runs automatically tasks of the following types:
Starting programs (exe, com, bat-files).
Creating backups of important files (the Active Backup Expert software required).
Output of text and sound messages.
Shutting down/Restarting computer.
The ATM helps you to organize your frequent tasks. You can set a very flexible schedule for them. Just tell the ATM what you want to do and when you want it to be done!
All the configured tasks are also accessible for the manual launch from the tray icon menu.
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Main advantages of the Active Task Manager

running as a Windows service:
The ATM starts your tasks whether there is an interactive user in your system, or not;
minimum occupation of system resources:
Active Task Manager in fact always "sleeps", and becomes active while starting the next task only; the service module, the only ATM part that runs always, is only 180Kb;
flexibility in customization, very flexible schedule:
You can set each task to any schedule, from single start at the necessary moment up to multiple acyclic starts within a day/week/month;
simplicity in use:
You don't need to be a computer guru to use the ATM in full force; each control within the software is documented in the online help;

Features of the ATM

automatic start of tasks under the schedule; high color images;
providing of text and sound reminders under the schedule; VGA resolution support;
repetition of text and sound reminders; task execution log;
multithreading; maximum log size setting;
flexible schedule with one second accuracy; manual start of the tasks from the tray icon menu;
forced termination of tasks after specified execution time; clipboard support;
task process priority setting; playing specified sound during task start;
animated or static tray icon; self-adding to the StartUp folder;
drag'n'drop of exe, bat, com, lnk, pif icons; customisable user interface;
"New Task" Wizard; context-sensitive help;
Task property sheet; hidding the tray icon;
ActiveX Automation support; Setting the CPU Affinity Mask.

Future development plans

In the next versions Active Task Manager will be developed in two directions:
extension of a list of the supported task types;
start the tasks as response on various system events.

National language support

Currently besides the default English language the Active Task Manager installation package contains the French, Portuguese and Spanish language. If you are interested in another language support, please visit our Localization page.

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