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Active Backup Expert Active Backup Expert
makes backup copies of disk files in ZIP format; helps to synchronize files on two PCs
Active Task Manager Active Task Manager
starts/ terminates various tasks using the most flexible schedule
Active Document Keeper Active Document Keeper
Stores and manages your electronic documents


To get technical support please use the following contact information:

Support e-mail:
Phone: 1-206-376-1917
Fax: 1-720-293-6227

If you have found any problem with our software, please don't worry. Our mission is to serve our customers. We want you to be happy with our products, and we concentrate all our resources to achieve this goal. Please be confident that you'll never be alone with the problem.

However, before you ask us to help, please do the following:

    Try to re-install the program.
    It's possible that some of the program's files have appeared corrupt. The setup program will replace only program files. All your data files, projects, etc. will not be affected at all.
    Try to read the Frequently Asked Questions section of the corresponded Product.
    Many people ask us questions. We sort them and place the most interesting to a FAQ. Possibly, you'll find the solution for your problem there.
    Try to install the latest version of the product.
    When we find a bug in a product we fix it as soon as possible and make the fixed version available. When you have a problem it's likely that someone else has already reported the same problem, and the fix is ready for downloading. Please visit our Downloads page to see what version is the latest.
    If neither of the measures above has helped, write us a message with detailed description of the problem.
    Please don't forget to mention the version of the product and the Operating System that your machine is running. You could use our Contact page to write us with your web-browser. We are glad to do our best to help you and to advance our products the way to suit your needs better.

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