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Active Backup Expert Active Backup Expert
makes backup copies of disk files in ZIP format; helps to synchronize files on two PCs
Active Task Manager Active Task Manager
starts/ terminates various tasks using the most flexible schedule
Active Document Keeper Active Document Keeper
Stores and manages your electronic documents

OrionSoftLab Partners Programme

Do you like OrionSoftLab software? Do you want to earn some money on it? If so, welcome to our Partner Programme!

Help us to sell our software and you'll get 30-50% of every sell you made!

We have two general rules for our partners:

  • The more you sell, the larger per cent you get;
  • There is no other general rules. All other aspects of our partnership are subject for discussion. Just write us.

We offer two ways to become an OrionSoftLab Partner. Please choose the way you like:

(1) Participating in OrionSoftLab Affiliate Programme

It's the best way, if you have a web-site. Just place a link to a special Order form that we provide along with some text/graphics description of a product to your web-page. Your task is to make a customer to click on this link. You don't need to know anything about the customer. You don't need to accept money from the customer. Our processing center does it for you. When the customer completes the purchase, the defined amount is added to your account.

To get your own affiliate account and learn more about it please CLICK HERE.

The affiliate programme is a truly outstanding opportunity to spread the word about a product you like, and get money on it!

(2) Reselling OrionSoftLab products

When you decide to resell an OrionSoftLab product you pay us forward for some number of Registration keys at a special reseller price, and then you re-sell the keys to your customers. Whether your customers come to your online or offline store, or you already have customers of your own business whom you recommend to buy our product, it's you who collects customer's money and distributes Registration keys.

A key issue in reselling our products is 'Who will provide the Technical Support?'. If you provide the support yourself, you'll get a higher reseller discount.

For any info regarding to partnership please contact us at

Note: To attract potential customers please feel free to use any materials on our web-site. Please visit our Press Room to get product-related graphics.

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