Localization of OrionSoftLab products

The localization facility of our products allows you to have the products in your native language.
Our goal is to have the user interface of our products translated to the most popular world languages. And we feel that a native speaker can make the translation to his/her native language the best way. So, if you believe you can help us with the translation to your language, please send us an e-mail to localize@orionsoftlab.com. If your language is available (nobody is currently working on translation to the language), we'll greatly appreciate your help. We'll send you our Localization tool along with the .lng-files to be translated. Click here to read more about working with our translation tool.

Your Benefits to localize OrionSoftLab products

You'll have the software in your native language!
You can promote your web-site, your e-mail, or even yourself by placing your contact info into your translation and letting thousands of OrionSoftLab users to see them at the OrionSoftLab web-site and the About window of the product.
If you've made a translation to the language the product hasn't been ever translated into, we'll grant you a free license for the products you've translated.

Supported languages

Our localization facility supports any one-character language. Unfortunately, two-character languages are not supported.

Have a question about the localization?

Please direct all your messages (in English please) related to localization issues to localize@orionsoftlab.com.

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