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FilePreviewer adds a panel in Windows Explorer which lets you to see the content of files while you are in Windows Explorer. With FilePreviewer you don't need to launch any other applications to preview your files. When you select a file in Windows Explorer, you see its content on the FilePreviewer panel.

FilePreviewer saves you time when you are searching for documents, pictures, HTML pages and other files. FilePreviewer is easy to use and does not require any new skills on your part.

FilePreviewer supports the following file types:

  • Files supported by Internet Explorer  
  • OLE documents  
  • Text and RTF files

Formats supported by Internet Explorer


 .htm, .html

 HTML Document


 .mht, .mhtml

 MHTML Document



 XML Document



 Internet E-Mail Message



 Internet News Message



 Internet Shortcut


 .jpg, .jpeg

 JPEG Image



 GIF Image



 PNG Image



 Adobe Acrobat Document

OLE-document formats*


Microsoft Word Document


Microsoft Excel Workbook


Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation


Microsoft Visio Drawing


WordPad Document


Adobe PhotoShop Image


Corel PhotoPaint Image


CorelDraw Image







*FP shows only first page for most of OLE documents          ** Adobe Acrobat Reader required

The FilePreviewer Control Panel enables you to change the preview mode options and manage the list of file formats supported by FP. For example, you can add .LOG, .INF, .REG, and many other file extensions so that you can preview such files in Windows Explorer.

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