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Active Document Keeper

         Active Document Keeper is a document storage and management system for home or office use. The internal storage system allows you to store various electronic documents in one or several document databases. The document database can be stored in files on a local or network disk or using client-server database (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, etc.). Multiple network users can work with one document database simultaneously .The ADK compresses documents, that helps you to save a disk space. The backup capabilities would help you if your document database has lost or corrupted.Documents can be added to the document database by several ways: imported from a files on a disks; obtained from a scanner or digital camera; pasted from the clipboard; or created directly from ADK. The integration in the Windows Explorer simplifies document importing in the ADK database. By using the QuickDocuments feature you get the ability to create documents by one mouse click.

        All documents are organized in folders, this structure looks like files and folders on your hard disk. The ADK enables you to create your own hierarchical trees for more useful representation of documents. But unlike a disk file system you can create references from several folders to one document, what gives you a possibility to create a flexible cross-referenced documents organization structure.  ADK offers you an intuitive Explorer-like interface.

        You can add text notes to individual documents to simplify the searching in document database. A powerful ADK search mechanism helps you to locate any document quickly and easily. The ADK can perform searching in the document contents for Word, Excel and PDF documents. All documents in the database have a convenient preview. You can print any document directly from the ADK without launching external applications.


If you want to:

 Get a flexible documents organization
 Quick create, edit and print any documents
 Have a preview of all documents
 Save space on your hard drive

The main features of the Active Document Keeper:


PDF Documents support. Now you can store the PDF documents in the ADK database

Images support. JPEG, PCX, BMP, TGA, PNG image formats supported

Acquiring images from a scanner or digital camera. You can scan your paper documents or obtain images from a digital camera directly from the ADK.

New Database Configuration Wizard.  Now you can easy create new document databases and open existings with Database Configuration Wizard

New Document Import Wizard. Now you can easy fill the ADK document database by importing documents from your local or network disks using the Document import Wizard.

Using multiple document databases. The ADK can work with a several databases. By using Create Database and Open Database you can create new databases and switch between existing ones.

OLE DB Providers Support. The ADK allows you to place your document database in information sources accessed by OLE DB providers. This may be SQL server, Microsoft Access database or any ODBC datasource

Database Backup. You can create multiple backups of the all your documents and quickly restore damaged or lost document database

Using compression. All documents are stored in the internal database using compression. The ADK compresses documents up to several times
Document preview. When you select a document at the same time you can see its image
Direct document printing. You don't need to start another application to print a document, just click 'Print' button on the ADK toolbar
Explorer-like interface. All documents are represented in the Folders, as files on the disk.
Quick document creation. Documents may be loaded from files, pasted from clipboard or created directly from ADK
Every document may have notes to be easily searched in the database
Windows Explorer integration. You may add documents to the ADK's database by using the 'Send to...' menu item in the file context menu on right mouse button.

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